Making the Right Impression: Hotel Uniforms

It’s well known that presentation is vital in the hospitality sector. Guests at your hotel will make judgements about the quality of service, the hygiene, the attention to detail and the trustworthiness of your establishment based on the presentation of your staff.

This naturally affects the chances of re-booking, but also the word of mouth reputation that your hotel develops over time. If people think that hotel or restaurant staff look scruffy, unclean or unprofessional these are the kinds of things that will build their impression of an establishment – and they’ll pass this on. Similarly, potential future bookings can be lost from parties who attend for a meal but are deterred from booking for a stay or a conference.

Managing this impression is an important part of the way your brand comes across to customers. This puts a lot of emphasis on getting the right uniforms for staff to wear. An important part of this process is considering the style of your hotel, as well as its colouring and atmosphere.

The formal hotel look

For some longer established hotels, such as Claridge’s, who market themselves as heritage brands, then more formal attire is required for staff uniforms and clothing. This often means formal suits for waiters, room service operatives and concierge staff. Likewise, morning tailcoats are commonplace for the door staff at some of the country’s most prestigious hotels. This is all part of reinforcing the identity of the hotel, and reassuring visitors of the quality of service they’ll receive.

Relaxed hotel attire

The inverse however can also be seen in more relaxed hotels. Some more tranquil and less formal hotel retreats will have staff dressed in branded uniform polo or sports shirts. This is a way to make visitors feel at ease, and is part of the atmosphere and ambience of the hotel. This is the case for a great deal of spa as well as sports oriented retreats, where visitors don’t enjoy the pressure of the formality and feel more comfortable with staff in more casual attire. Important to note here however, is that whilst it might be more relaxed, it’s still professional and often colour coordinated and branded with hotel insignia or logos.

Embroidery as part of your design

These are the kinds of consideration which are necessary to judge the uniforms of hotel staff just right. Many suppliers of hotel uniforms for staff will have the facility to embroider staff clothing with the logos or insignia of your hotel. Similarly text such as staff names and roles can be stitched into clothing to create a particularly professional look. This also helps to identify staff to visitors.

Bear these factors in mind and you’ll be able to foster a really strong impression on visitors to your hotel. Consider the atmosphere and design of your hotel and tie the uniforms of your staff together and consider adding embroidery for a final professional flourish.