Modern Hotel Refurbishment Projects

Following our blog earlier in the year about the restoring of historic buildings, we thought we’d look at renovation for newer and often less complex hotel buildings and facilities. With a host of modern facilities which can be introduced to buildings, there’s a new opportunity to make influential changes to both private rooms and public spaces to contribute towards ambience and presentation.

The opportunity for bespoke adjustments

Whilst in some instances, ‘out of the box’ furnishing and decoration solutions are available and suitable for introducing to a hotel space, for more idiosyncratic shapes and demands, a bespoke piece is required to maintain presentation or to fit an unusual architectural space.

Tailored solutions are often required for reception desks, and other installations which need to be fitted into place, rather than loose furniture. Not only the more prestigious names in the hospitality sector, but also lower budget or chain hotels tend to use the reception area as a point of design focus. There’s an opportunity to use the reception area as a statement space for design, incorporating elements of branding into the area. This is a specialist area for designers and manufacturers, incorporating technological and data functionality as well as security features into the design.

Other bespoke elements to consider employing are carpets and fabrics. From curtains to custom upholstery, there are plenty of opportunities to include features of branding, insignia or other graphical elements into decoration. International brands such as Skopos Design and Wilton Carpets are able to work with clients to produce bespoke decorative fabrics, materials and flooring and are a good place to start for those looking into these options. Examples of their work are available on the website of each.

Modern innovations for hotels

The renovation of a hotel space gives the opportunity not only for improved presentation, but the additional functionality of many modern design features and fixtures means that a series of other benefits can enjoyed.

The acoustical property of modern ceiling and wall installations, as well as flooring options and partitioning, means that further advantages are to be had from the introduction of these solutions into a hotel space. Especially relevant in larger, taller spaces, such as in reception lobbies and restaurant spaces, controlling the level of ambient noise which is present in the space can contribute very positively to the overall atmosphere of the hotel. Similarly a challenge for the hospitality industry, controlling and containing noise between hotel rooms is now made easier by new flooring solutions which are designed to have acoustical properties, as well as partitioning options which can have similar measured benefits to the ambience and environment for your guests.

Specialists for classic style

Whilst modern innovation can offer a number of positives which ought to be taken advantage of during refurbishment, classic and traditional style are still the most fitting solution for many more established hotel names.

Finding the means of preserving this aesthetic whilst introducing new elements and refreshing the appearance of the hotel is a fine balance to strike. Fortunately, many suppliers of fittings for the hotel and hospitality industry still specialise in creating products which have a distinctively traditional feel. The classic conspicuously European inspired ceramic wash room fittings of Villeroy and Boch for example stand out as combining the build quality of contemporary facilities whilst also offering a classic style. For some longer established and historic hotels, there is a concern about refurbishment and the risk it is sometimes seen to pose to heritage interiors and fittings, which are appealing features of space and are a factor in attracting guests. Whilst this is understandable, there are designers and manufacturers in the sector who are able to produce custom materials, which are in line with other period features and can complement existing fittings or design. Whilst this might mean an increased budgetary demand, it does offer the reassurance of quality, consistency and elegance of design that are vital for a successful refurbishment in these contexts.

In such instances, a specialist in hotel refurbishment and fit out is required will be able to advise, oversee the project and guide you through the potential pitfalls whilst being able to aid in sourcing more specialist pieces of decoration, fittings and furnishing for a bespoke refurbishment solution. The advantages of such a service are laid out here by hotel fit out experts Ultimate, who undertook the work in the above image.