Our Favourites: The Best Hotel Lobbies

Following on from last month’s look at our favourite hotel views, we decided to highlight a few of our favourite hotel lobbies from around the world. One of the great advantages of a hotel lobby of course is that in many cases, it’s possible to sneak in to have a look without having to pay the enormous fees for a room for the night. Whilst this might seem like its a loss on the hotel’s part, this is all part of the hotel’s cache. You will of course have to get to these often exotic locations first of course!

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

best hotel lobbiesThe Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates. Although the 202 room hotel is the fourth tallest hotel, almost 40% of its height is made of space which isn’t available to occupy. The hotel’s architect Tom Wright, is quoted as saying that the ‘client wanted a building that would become an iconic or symbolic statement for Dubai, this is very similar to Sydney with its opera house, London with Big Ben, or Paris with the Eiffel Tower.’ He certainly managed to create a stunning structure. This splendour is mirrored inside the building, with its lobby being a crisply designed combination of whites blues and greens. With staggering patterns and scale it really is a sight to behold.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore

best hotel lobbiesWhilst the Burj Al Arab was only finished in the late nineties, the Raffles has been in operation since 1887. Founded by the Sarkies brothers, a pair of Armenian hoteliers the hotel takes its name from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who founded the country of its location- Singapore. This history and heritage is very apparent in its hotel lobby, which spans over several stories. The lobby once contained the Long Bar, which was the location of the invention of the Singapore Sling, the national cocktail of Singapore.

The Waterhouse at South Bund, Shanghai

In Shanghai however, a stark contrast can be found to the decorated elegance of Raffles Hotel. A very stripped back industrial look of the Waterhouse hotel exposes bare concrete walls. The lobby is, according to Travel and Leisure, said to mimic the old-new dichotomy of Shanghai. The hotel is notably smaller than our other two entries thus far as well, with only 19 rooms. The industrial look of the lobby is completed by substantial looking steel beams. A very utilitarian feel in all, but striking and definitely worth a look, meaning it makes our favourites list if only because of its boldness.

Ritz Carlton Berlin

best hotel lobbyBerlin is a varied and fascinating city. In its Postdamer Platz quarter, its stands amongst impressive architecture. Even in this lofty company the Ritz Carlton is notable for its striking design and its grandiose and impressive hotel lobby. The lobby is complete with marble pillars and a grand staircase.

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

favourite hotel lobbiesAnother European entry to the list, the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona is a masterpiece of design. In a city which has a reputation for art and design, from the carved entrance doors onwards the hotel is staggering in its detail and presentation. Its Hotel lobby is stunning, fresh and bright with a raised walkway through the structure of the atrium. The hotel prides itself on its location in the heart of the city, well placed for visits to the city’s many landmarks.

Paradise Island, Cove Atlantis Bahamas

Best hotel lobbiesParadise Island is accurately named, that’s for sure. Whilst some might argue that paradise wouldn’t be as busy or heavily occupied as this tropical spot in the Bahamas, its luxury accommodation and design certainly gives it a strong claim to use the term. This five star accommodation doesn’t come cheap, but its hotel lobby is a wonderful spot to enjoy a sunset with its open feel. The hotel’s facilities include an imitation Maya pyramid as well as a stunning water park.

Hyatt Regency San Fransisco

best hotel lobbyThe Hyatt regency hotel is characterised by its period design. Whilst some have called the hotel’s appearance dated, with its vast hotel lobby, according to Guinness world records the biggest in the world, its a deserved entrant on our list. The atrium is 17 stories high and 42,000 cubic feet of space.